Pre-Finals Stress Appetite

Now, this is the week. With little over a weewoman eating at workk left before spring semester ends, students around campus are working hard. Two places that are busiest on campuses around nation are libraries and dining places. Why?! Because finals cause stress and stress causes unnecessary appetite.

According to Winnie Ma, (“7 Ways to stop stress eating”), it is crucial to eat healthy and have a right pattern. Ms. Ma  asks if stress or boredom makes you turn to food for emotional relief? “To identify these patterns, try keeping track of the times you want to overeat with a food-and-mood diary,” said Ms. Ma.

Good way to keep the stress diet is every time you reach for comfort food, ask yourself what triggered it. Once you’ve identified your patterns and triggers, you can be more mindful in these situations so you can minimize the temptation to use food as a way of coping with stress and other emotions.

According to Christina McDonald, blogger on WordPress, “It is so tempting to eat food that is emotionally satisfying and not nutritiously good for you.” While tempting food might satisfy body needs, it can also damage it, said Christina.

Christina also said “Not allowing yourself to suffer excess stress will enable your body to respond properly to what it needs.” She suggested to write a plan of what to eat and when as a way to have a healthy diet during distress.

As people we are always subjected to stress and best way to stay healthy is analyzing any change of our daily routines. Eating food that makes happy too much and too often should alarm us.

As a person who happens to be a college student at this time, stress sometimes leads from eating too much and unhealthy food to forgetting to eat. Thus, stress can result in a very unexpected eating disorder that affects individuals differently.


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